Required PHP Functions & Extensions To Run Our Products



Here we are listing all the PHP functions/extensions that required to run our products, install them or enable them if you already have installed -


php-api, php-bz2, php-calendar, php-ctype, php-curl, php-date, php-ereg, php-exif, php-fileinfo, php-filter, php-ftp, php-gettext, php-gmp, php-hash, php-iconv, php-json, php-libxml, php-openssl, php-pcre, php-pecl-Fileinfo, php-pecl-phar, php-pecl-zip, php-reflection, php-session, php-shmop, php-simplexml, php-sockets, php-spl, php-tokenizer, php-zend-abi, php-zip, php-zlib, php-mysqli, php_database, mcryptmbstring, php-dom, php-domxml, php-wddx, php-xsl, xmlrpc


Make sure you have these PHP functions / extensions installed and enabled.


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