How to solve 404 ERROR issue?



After the successful installation process, you may see 404 ERROR on front end links. It can happen because of .htaccess not working, please make sure that your .htaccess is working fine.

.htaccess is used for rewriting on our products, it's supported on APACHE server only. If you are using APACHE server then it should be working for you, if not please contact your hosting provider to enable it for you.

In case you are using NGINX, please follow this tutorial for NGINX to fix it. But our recommendation is to use APACHE server in the backend and use NGINX as a front end proxy which gives you 100% possibilities of supporting any product and the speed you seek.

It can happen because of writing subdirectory or website URL wrong during the installation process too.

  • Make sure you entered website URL with http:// or https://
  • Make sure you didn't enter website URL with trailing slash "/" in the end
  • Make sure you entered the subdirectory during installation if you missed it or entered wrong then please open "config.php" in the editor and change the subdirectory correctly.

Following these steps should solve your issue, if not then please create a support ticket here with your cPanel / FTP / SFTP  and admin panel login details.


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